Europese otter in Natuurpark Lelystad (Bron: Elzes Dierenwereld)
© Elzes Dierenwereld

Scientific journal Lutra

Het wetenschappelijke tijdschrift van de Zoogdiervereniging.

Wat biedt Lutra?

Lutra is een wetenschappelijk, peer-reviewed, tijdschrift dat tweemaal per jaar gepubliceerd wordt door de Zoogdiervereniging. Lutra publiceert voornamelijk in het Engels (met Nederlandstalige samenvattingen) artikelen over inheemse Europese zoogdieren, inclusief zeezoogdieren. De artikelen in Lutra gaan vaak over ecologie, biogeografie, gedrag of morfologie.

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Lutra ook ontvangen?
Haas (© Rianne Jordaan)
Haas (© Rianne Jordaan)
the scientific journal on mammals

Information about Lutra

Lutra is a scientific, peer-reviewed journal, published by the Dutch Mammal Society that is endeavoured at stimulating and facilitating the study and protection of wild mammals and their habitats.

Lutra has two issues a year and publishes articles on all mammals occuring in Europe, including aquatic mammals. Articles focus on ecology, biogeography, behaviour and morphology. Furthermore, Lutra contains literature and book reviews and an opinion section. Lutra publishes in English, with accompanying Dutch abstract.

Information for authors

Are you interested in publishing your research in Lutra? Please check the instructions on how to submit a paper to Lutra. Authors that follow these guidelines will greatly increase their chances of publication. In the overview earlier editions can be checked for reference.

The guidelines for authors can be found here.

Lutra overview